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Betfair / Flutter group to merge with Canadian company
mcgoo - October 2, 7:33 am
What does this mean for the exchange..BF is banned in Canada from what I recall? :shock: ...
Keep getting freezes placing bets
sniffer66 - October 2, 7:32 am
I posted this in the beta thread but didnt get a response as yet. Not sure if this is 1.5...
New Betfair Plan
LinusP - October 2, 7:14 am
[quote=rik post_id=200282 time=1569996881 user_id=12839] [quote=LinusP post_id=200277 time...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
jamesg46 - October 2, 6:43 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=200275 time=1569990976 user_id=16662] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=20...
Betfair Rewards Plan - 2% commission!!
rik - October 2, 5:39 am
the big winners are probably on 2 or close to 2% anyway, i guess its more of a targeted pr...
The fat fingers thread
ShaunWhite - October 2, 4:16 am
[quote=nin33ch post_id=200260 time=1569980838 user_id=14001] Aussie racing roller coasters...
Lay the Field Guardian Automation Bot
FreemanMTK - October 1, 11:50 pm
Hi is there any way I could filter according the courses with one rule file?...
Why Stake at 2^x?
Xeres - October 1, 10:42 pm
As I child I was always fascinated by 2^x, even before I knew what a power was, I would ju...
Back to Lay or vise versa
Xeres - October 1, 10:21 pm
[quote="The Silk Run" post_id=200236 I only brought this to your intention because I hope...
Storing Trade Profit (green all)
Hepburn - October 1, 9:26 pm
I would like to be able to see what the trade profit was at certain times during a trade....
"Stop This Servant" rule
Wolf1877 - October 1, 9:14 pm
Does anyone else think a conditional "stop this servant" rule would be useful? So basicall...
Today's Football
Euler - October 1, 8:45 pm
Thought Spurs may struggle, but 2-7 is pretty humiliating....
Premium Charge + Data Charges?
buyshirts - October 1, 7:57 pm
Thanks you're right meant over 1000 bets an hour, as ive only been paying the PC a few wee...
Global Variable
MemphisFlash - October 1, 7:43 pm
Clearing the status cell, timer or IF command.
Gareth1976 - October 1, 7:41 pm
Thanks Dallas I did a search in the "other excel" forum and didnt really get an answer. ...
Updated: New beta version of Bet Angel v1.53.1
Dallas - October 1, 7:32 pm
[quote=Wolf1877 post_id=200230 time=1569958132 user_id=19872] [quote=Dallas post_id=200229...
Market Overview Cells
Korattt - October 1, 6:07 pm
any chance we’re able to highlight the cells within the MO Chart when there is a change, i...
Less games and last minute addition on the exchange
Euler - October 1, 5:52 pm
[quote=george post_id=200205 time=1569941199 user_id=2245] i mean not all inplay games of ...
Help needed
mickey007 - October 1, 5:42 pm
Hi all Forum members, I am a newbie with the betangel automation software. I have looked a...
Picking the best of a list of shared stored values
Jukebox - October 1, 5:33 pm
I sometimes want to trigger a bet based on a shared stored value - because it is the highe...


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