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Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:14 pm

Does anyone else think a conditional "stop this servant" rule would be useful?
So basically the rule could be added into the script with a condition to trigger the termination of the script itself at some point.
A servant might have achieved its objective but still have some rules active so it stays running.
If there is only the one servant running it would then switch the green servant into a red servant indicating it has run its course.

Also with servants a selection can have more than one servant running concurrently maybe with backing and laying servants at different context prices which is cool.
The problem I'm finding with this is it is very easy to mentally lose track of exactly which servants are running and accidentally trigger multiple instances of the same servant which if using shared stored values can then cause double backing or double laying in error.

I should have just asked for a "stop this servant" rule - I believe conditions can be applied to any rule.

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